Stream of Nations 

Making Christ known to all people groups by training churches to engage in inter-cultural Proclamation of the gospel and prayer.

What we do and  How we do it. 

God has given the responsibility of reaching out to 'every people group’ upon all born-again Christians (Matthew 28:26-28). He commands believers in Christ's redemptive salvation to reach out in love to others, sharing the Good News of forgiveness and eternal life.

To equip churches to be effective in outreach ministry, God raises some gifted ministers “to prepare God’s people (the church) for the works of service…” (Ephesians 4:11-12). God has graciously called and impacted us with scriptural truth and knowledge of how to proclaim the gospel of Christ inter-culturally to people of various world religions, as well as to support the church by training her to fulfill the great commission.




Equipping the church for

Muslim evangelism

Youth, men & women


(vocational training)

Media Programming


PRAYER: Stream of Nations strongly believes in the power of prayer. Our focus is to promote awareness of global persecution and to encourage believers to engage in regular intercessory prayer. We believe that every spiritual success can only be achieved through prayer. D. L. Moody - an evangelist, theologian and educator in the 1890s - once said: “Each word of God can be traced back to a kneeling form.” Moody also encouraged believers to persist in prayer: “Tarry at a promise and God will meet you there.”

                      A. Sharing current needs relating to the gospel around the globe, gives you the opportunity to engage in the end-time battle for winning souls through interceding and standing in the gap for those facing persecution. For intercessory prayer on behalf of those being persecuted for their faith, and for worldwide religious freedom, we encourage your use of any of these sources that highlight current religious issues/concerns:WorldWatchMonitor, Voice of the Martyrs

          B. Since the Bible says we should not be ignorant of the devices of Satan (2 Corinthians 2:11) we strive to unveil the devices Satan utilizes as he strategizes his strongholds through different world religions and occultism that hold people captive. The reason to become more aware of Satan's devices is to give you the opportunity to fulfill Jesus’ instruction in Matt.12:29 “Or again, how can anyone enter a strong man’s house and carry off his possessions unless he first ties up the strong man? Then he can rob his house.”

          C. Stream of Nations holds a monthly gathering of believers who engage in intercessory prayer for The Nations , called Global Intercessory Prayer Partners [GIPP]. As we unite in prayer within small-groups, praying for global concerns continent-by-continent, we strive to combat the darts of Satan and his manipulations against the mission of the church. Click here to see details about our next Global Intercessory Prayer Partners meeting.

SEMINARS: Church leaders invite us to facilitate a half-day to up to a - two day seminar on intercessory prayer and inter-cultural outreach to World Religions.

To request a seminar, led by author and intercultural instructor,

Rev. Philip Nache, send an email to:

Link to see a list of upcoming seminars.

  •  Muslims who convert to Christianity encounter many difficulties and much hostility from their community, forcing them to escape from their people. Therefore, our S.O.N. ministry partners in Africa help to resettle them. Through effective discipleship we help converts stand strong in the faith. A deep comparative study of their former and present beliefs are taught to help them discover the truth by themselves (Matt. 28:18-20,25:35-40).
  • Seminars
  • Crusade – not a military expedition
  • House to house evangelism 
  • We go to Christian organizations, to churches in Urban and Rural areas, home and abroad, to train them on how to evangelize and disciple Muslims.(Eph. 4:11-12). We thank God for the pastors that have seen the emergent need to mobilize and train the church on reaching out to Muslims who are considered to be the most difficult group of people to reach (Matt. 10:16).
  • We provide support to our S.O.N. ministry partners in Africa to teach skills such as carpentry, sewing, computer training, in order to empower the less privileged in the society to be self-reliant

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  • We produce video and audio programs to help the Christians understand practical methods on how to converse with their unbelieving friends.

What we do…

How we do it…